Sunday, October 28, 2007

shows of interest for 10/29 - 11/4/2007

Monday, October 29
Ghosts Of Predators Past @ Larimer Lounge
Gogol Bordello @ Boulder Theater
Little Brother @ Fox Theatre
Maroon 5 @ Pepsi Center
Minus The Bear @ Gothic Theatre

Tuesday, October 30
Little Brother @ Bluebird Theater
Maroon 5 @ Fillmore Auditorium
Mum @ Gothic Theatre
Thic @ Larimer Lounge
Uproot @ Fox Theatre

Wednesday, October 31
3 Oh! 3 @ Fox Theatre
Git Some @ Larimer Lounge
Jesu @ Marquis Theater
The Raveonettes @ Bluebird Theater
Twizted @ Ogden Theater
Umprhey's McGee @ Fillmore Auditorium

Thursday, November 1
Backyard Tire Fire @ Larimer Lounge
Gaelic Storm @ Gothic Theatre
Kevin Drew @ Fox Theatre
Magic Cyclops @ Hi-Dive

Friday, November 2
B. Diddle @ Hi-Dive
Dada @ Bluebird Theater
Festival In The Desert @ Boulder Theater
Job For A Cowboy @ Gothic Theatre
The Octopus Project @ Larimer Lounge

Saturday, November 3
Erin McKeown @ Walnut Room
The Ponys @ Larimer Lounge
Tegan & Sara @ Boulder Theater
Watt Wertz @ Fox Theatre

Sunday, November 4
Aloft In The Sundry @ Larimer Lounge
David Kilgour @ Hi-Dive
Del Tha Funky Homosapien @ Fox Theatre

Sunday, October 21, 2007

say it ain't so

Dear god, I think my recent obsession with Babyshambles' Shotter's Nation has hurled me into full-blown Pete Doherty mania. How did this happen?!? Three weeks ago found me in the camp that believes the guy is just a bit of a waste of space, and now... well, now I feel like if I ever see him on the street all I wanna do is give him a big hug. It's amazing what a stellar album can do, is it not?

Some more videos for you:

One of the more palatable tracks on Down In Albion, "Fuck Forever":

Happier times... oh how I *heart* The Libertines:

More new Babyshambles & the "French Dog Blues" (note how much Pete's cartoon self looks an awful lot like his real life self...):

"There She Goes"... rather poor audio quality but a lovely song (they use a stand-up bass on the album - in case I haven't told you, check it out. It's called Shotter's Nation. It's by Babyshambles...):

And lastly a live version of one of my favorite tunes on the new album, "You Talk":

I really don't know what it is... it's been quite a while since an album has hit me this hard, especially an album that I normally wouldn't expect anything from.

Dear Pete, please stay sober, as I've discovered that I really love your music.

Mystik Spiral

shows of interest for 10/22 - 10/28/2007

Monday, October 22
Chevelle @ Boulder Theater
Dark Funeral @ Bluebird Theater
Electric 6 @ Larimer Lounge
Rooney/Polyphonic Spree @ Gothic Theatre
Unwed Sailor @ Hi-Dive
Zap Mama @ Fox Theatre

Tuesday, October 23
Alice In Chains @ Ogden Theater
Caribou @ Larimer Lounge
Softlightes @ Hi-Dive
Therion @ Gothic Theatre
Trampled By Turtles @ Fox Theatre

Wednesday, October 24
Chiodos @ Gothic Theatre
David Crowder @ Fillmore Auditorium
DJ Quote The Beatmaker @ Fox Theatre
Los Lobos @ Paramount Theatre
The Rooster Brothers @ Larimer Lounge
Tiger Army @ Ogden Theater

Thursday, October 25
Benevento/Russo Duo @ Fox Theatre
Blue Million Miles @ Hi-Dive
Dashboard Confessional @ Ogden Theater
Public Enemy @ Boulder Theater
Static-X @ Fillmore Auditorium
Three Cheers Faraday @ Larimer Lounge

Friday, October 26
Abra Moore @ Soiled Dove
Architecture In Helsinki @ Ogden Theater
The Black Ops @ Larimer Lounge
Brand New @ Fillmore Auditorium
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Fox Theatre
IAMX @ Bluebird Theater
Switchpin @ Gothic Theatre
The Wheel @ Hi-Dive

Saturday, October 27
Blackalicious @ Fox Theatre
Busdriver @ Hi-Dive
DeVotchKa @ Fillmore Auditorium
Kinski @ Larimer Lounge
Matt Nathanson @ Bluebird Theater
Salsa Masquerade @ Soiled Dove
Zilla @ Ogden Theater

Sunday, October 28
Juliet Mission @ Larimer Lounge
Junior Brown @ Bluebird Theater
Matt Nathanson/Ian Ball @ Boulder Theater (E-Town)
Menomena @ Fox Theatre
Shipwreck @ Hi-Dive

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Word Series, oh yeah....

By a rather fortuitous series of events I managed to score a ticket to last night's NLCS game four... and my Rockies didn't disappoint. They swept their second consecutive series to earn their first ever Word Series appearance!!!! Last night was by far the most amazing baseball game I have ever attended, and I've been to a few:

April 9, 1993 - inaugural home opener @ Mile High Stadium
April 26, 1995 - first game @ Coors Field
October 4, 1995 - Rockies vs. Braves in NLDS @ Coors Field
July 7, 1998 - All Star Game @ Coors Field

That's not even mentioning all the regular season gems I've witnessed over the years. I love baseball, and this year has become a phenomenon for my Rockies that nobody ever expected. We have won an unparalleled 21 of our last 22 games and have earned our first ever NL division title. Yet still nobody believes we can stack up to the AL... I suppose that remains to be seen.


Rockies win!!!!

Pretty fireworks...

NL Champs 2007!!!!!

Matt Holliday - MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my current obsession

Well, besides post-season baseball that is... :)

You may have noticed that I've not added any more "brilliant albums" posts lately... I kinda came to the conclusion that it was a bit of an ill-conceived idea for a couple of reasons. First, it will totally give away my end of year "best" list. And we simply can't have that. Second, I started the feature right before I was asked to write for those other blogs, and I just don't have the time to keep up. Finally, and somewhat after the fact, we over at The Line Of Best Fit have just started a similar feature entitled "The Line Of Best Fit Loves..." that will run every Monday. Check it out!

With that said, here is a tip that may possibly give away my sleeper album of the year. I don't know if Pete Doherty is influencing me somehow via my iPod, but I can't stop listening to the new Babyshambles album. Not unlike the way Pete can't stay off the crack. And the supermodels.

I never would have given this album a thought if I hadn't been asked to review it. But the thing is fucking amazing. From the time I got it until my review was published I listened to Shotter's Nation no less than a couple dozen times. I just can't seem to stop. Not entirely unlike how Pete Doherty can't lay off the... well, you get the idea.

Check this one out, it's a hell of a long journey from the semi-disaster that was Down In Albion, and it gives me a reason to hope for Pete's continued success with his latest stint in rehab. I came to a realization that lost in all his tabloid shenanigans is the fact that he really is a poet and he can actually sing!! Lots of kudos to his 'Shambles for sticking it out. Note also that all this fawning is coming from an admitted Carl Barât fangirl... I'm just sayin'...

For more insight, and some shameless self-promotion, you can read my review!

Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation
available: 10/23/2007

I've included the video for the brilliant, Kinks-influenced single "Delivery" (and at the risk of sounding like a complete bitch, I couldn't help but giggle at this commentary from FluxCapacitor):

The film ends with a terrifying image: Doherty behind the wheel of a car. However it soon becomes clear (due to him driving more than ten yards without being arrested) that the vehicle is being towed by a truck. Pete should consider getting around like this in real life. Safer.
I'm sorry, Pete... you just make it so easy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

shows of interest for 10/15 - 10/21/07

Monday, October 15
The Caves @ Larimer Lounge
Found Magazine @ Hi-Dive

Tuesday, October 16
Annie Lennox @ Mackey Auditorium
Before Rome @ Larimer Lounge
Cradle Of Filth @ Fillmore Auditorium
Nellie McKay @ Trilogy Lounge
Pat Monahan @ Ogden Theater
Scout Niblett @ Hi-Dive
Shout Out Louds @ Bluebird Theater
The Tragically Hip @ Boulder Theater

Wednesday, October 17
24th Peak Project @ Larimer Lounge
The Axe That Chopped The Cherry Tree @ Bluebird Theater
Stars Of Track & Field @ Hi-Dive

Thursday, October 18
Shawn Colvin @ Paramount Theatre
Josh Ritter @ Fox Theatre
Dark Star Orchestra @ Boulder Theater
Phosphorescent @ Hi-Dive
Turdus Musicus @ Larimer Lounge
Wednesday13 @ Bluebird Theater

Friday, October 19
Aesop Rock @ Fox Theatre
Dark Star Orchestra @ Oriental Theater
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter @ Larimer Lounge
John Cowan Band @ Boulder Theater
Los Straitjackets @ Soiled Dove
Pinback @ Gothic Theatre
Rogue Wave @ Bluebird Theater

Saturday, October 20
Blue October @ Fillmore Auditorium
Brandi Carlile @ Gothic Theatre
Dark Star Orchestra @ Oriental Theater
DJ Krush @ Bluebird Theater
Earlimart @ Larimer Lounge
Hellogoodbye @ Paramount Theatre
Jackpierce @ Soiled Dove
LUPEC - Crush Party @ Hi-Dive
Willy Porter @ Marquis Theater

Sunday, October 21
Andrew Rieu @ Pepsi Center
Big Time Entertainment Show @ Hi-Dive
Michelle Shocked @ Soiled Dove

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the best of 2007... part 3

I knew I would get around to this eventually...

So, dear friends, it's pretty clear that the third quarter of this amazing year has been extraordinarily good to me. I hooked up with the inimitable "other MS" Merry Swanskter to bring you news of the finest live shows in the Denver area, I was asked to join the unparalleled staff of the UK-based blog The Line Of Best Fit, and I was invited to bring the glory of Denver's local music scene to the masses at MusicRex. Unfortunately, my humble little blog here has somewhat fallen by the wayside in the wake of all the other projects I've become involved with, but fear not loyal readers (both of you), I am still more than willing to force upon you my favorites in indie music.

All MP3's available here are for promotional use only. Please support the artists by going to shows and buying their stuff. If you own the MP3's here and want them taken down, please e-mail me at brhelgothATgmailDOTcom.

That being said, here is the probably-not-too-long awaited part 3 of the Mystik Spiral 2007 best new music tracklist:

01 Bishop Allen - Rain
02 The Gaslight Anthem - 1930
03 Marmoset - Luckcharm
04 The Avett Brothers - Salina
05 The Broken Family Band - Dancing On The 4th Floor
06 David Dondero - Rothko Chapel
07 Ezra Furman - Hotel Room In Casablanca
08 BOAT - Make Way For The Genius To Appear
09 Les Savy Fav - Scotchgard The Credit Card
10 Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
11 Stars - Take Me To The Riot
12 Blitzen Trapper - Sci-Fi Kid
13 Josh Ritter - To The Dogs Or Whoever
14 Figurines - Bee Dee
15 The Cribs - Moving Pictures
16 Kevin Drew - Lucky Ones
17 The Ladybug Transistor - Three Days From Now
18 Okkervil River - Plus Ones
19 Iron & Wine - Resurrection Fern
20 New Pornographers - Adventures In Solitude

download it!
And here are my previous "best of 2007" playlists, altered slightly when I made the gut-wrenching decision to limit each to 20 tracks.

Best of 2007, Part 2:

01 Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping
02 Cloud Cult - Pretty Voice
03 Revival - Favorite One
04 Get Him Eat Him - The Coronation Show
05 White Rabbits - While We Go Dancing
06 Good Shoes - Never Meant To Hurt You
07 Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
08 Dan Deacon - Pink Batman
09 Handsome Furs - Dead + Rural
10 Art Brut - People In Love
11 The Teeth - Shoulderblade
12 Pela - Trouble With River Cities
13 Voxtrot - Firecracker
14 The National - Apartment Story
15 Elliott Smith - Looking Over My Shoulder
16 Ryan Adams - Pearls On A String
17 Bright Eyes - If The Brakeman Turns My Way
18 Page France - Pigeons
19 Blonde Redhead - Spring And By Summer Fall
20 Narrator - A Decade In Kentucky

download it!
Best of 2007, Part 1:

01 - The Apples In Stereo - Can You Feel It?
02 - Deerhoof - +81
03 - LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
04 - The Broken West - Down In The Valley
05 - Apostle Of Hustle - Chances Are
06 - Of Montreal - A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger
07 - Menomena - Air Aid
08 - CYHSY - Mama, Won't You Keep Them Castles In The Air...
09 - Illinois - Nosebleed
10 - Modest Mouse - Spitting Venom
11 - The Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
12 - The Besnard Lakes - Devastation
13 - Panda Bear - Take Pills
14 - Beirut - Scenic World (Version)
15 - Andrew Bird - Dark Matter
16 - Jamie T - Calm Down Dearest
17 - Dr. Dog - Worst Trip
18 - The Shins - Girl Sailor
19 - Papercuts - Take The 227th Exit
20 - Do Make Say Think - A Tender History In Rust

download it!
Because I like to convince myself that you love it, here are my ten favorite albums from July - September 2007 (in alphabetical order - links to TLOBF album reviews where applicable):

Bishop Allen - The Broken String:

Aaaaaaah, what can I say about this album that I haven't already said? It's a piece of pure pop heaven, it is. Justin Rice and Christian Rudder are like, totally, my new heroes.

Favorite tracks: The Monitor; Rain; Flight 180; Like Castinets

Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation:

Somehow it's happened that I've missed opening sets by these guys not once, but TWICE this year. I will see this band live one day, I swear. Really unique music from these Portlanders (I'm thinking I need to move to Oregon already...).

Favorite tracks: Devil's A-Go-Go; Sci-Fi Kid; The Green King Sings; Country Caravan

The Cribs - Men's Need, Women's Needs, Whatever:

Have I already mentioned the UK invasion of 2007? Yeah, I thought so.

Favorite tracks: Our Bovine Public; Moving Pictures; My Life Flashed Before My Eyes; Shoot The Poets

David Dondero - Simple Love:

I already wrote about this one too!

Favorite tracks: The Prince William Sound; Rothko Chapel; You Don't Love Anyone; Lone Rose

[TLOBF review]

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - Banging Down The Doors:

Ezra's voice is like a mixture of CYHSY's Alec Ounsworth and a young Bob Dylan. His lyrics are funny and poignant. You should get this one!

Favorite tracks: Mother's Day; Hotel Room In Casablanca; Halloween Snow; The Little Red-Haired Girl

Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog:

This album is so beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Favorite tracks: Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car; Lovesong Of The Buzzard; Innocent Bones; Resurrection Fern; Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - Spirit If...:

[TLOBF review]

Favorite tracks: Tbtf; F--Ked Up Kid; Lucky Ones; Backed Out On The...

New Pornographers - Challengers:

I never thought the New Pornographers could top their brilliant 2005 release Twin Cinema. Challengers proves me wrong. If there is anything in life more perfect than the first four tracks on this album, well... I'd love to hear that.

Favorite tracks: My Rights Versus Yours; All The Old Showstoppers; Challengers; Myriad Harbour; Unguided; Adventures In Solitude

[TLOBF review]

Okkervil River - The Stage Names:

Big surprise, huh?

Favorite tracks: All of them. But especially Unless It's Kicks; Plus Ones; John Allyn Smith Sails

[TLOBF review]

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga:

Despite the much-maligned title, this is a very solid album. Good work, Spoon.

Favorite tracks: Don't Make Me A Target; You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb; The Underdog; Black Like Me

[TLOBF review]

As always, here are some more albums that are definitely worth your time (links to TLOBF album reviews where applicable):

Alberta Cross - The Thief & The Heartbreaker
Angels Of Light - We Are Him
Architecture In Helsinki - Places Like This
The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism
Bat For Lashes - Fur And Gold
BOAT - Let's Drag Our Feet
The Broken Family Band - Hello Love
Caribou - Andorra
Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance
Figurines - When The Deer Wore Blue
The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or Swim
Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - Once OST
Great Northern - Trading Twilight For Daylight
Josh Ritter - The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter
The Ladybug Transistor - Can't Wait Another Day
Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love - Ends Of June
Marmoset - Florist Fired
Monkey Swallows The Universe - The Casket Letters
Múm - Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy
O'Death - Head Home
The Snake The Cross The Crown - Cotton Teeth
St. Vincent - Marry Me
Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War
The Thrills - Teenager

Phew. Only three more months to go. Viva music!

house of brothers

To promote the upcoming House Of Brothers debut EP, Big Scary Monsters Records has made the title track "Deadman" available to download for free this week. Enjoy!


“Superb bootsale-pop like Elliott Smith rubbed down with lavender”

“Sparkling indie-folk in style, as magical as anything the much-acclaimed Fionn Regan has recently released to the world. It is serene, stunningly so, and quite wonderfully arresting”
- Drowned In Sound

[House Of Brothers MySpace]
[Big Scary Monsters]
[album art]

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

shows of interest for 10/8 - 10/14/07

I am a slacker. Actually, I had to attend one baby shower and throw another one over the weekend, not to mention too much baseball to watch. There just isn't enough time. SO - please visit one of my fellow local music blogs for this week's shows:

Merry Swankster

Saturday, October 06, 2007


It's been the Rockies motto lately that there's a different hero every night. Who would've ever thought it would be Jeff Fucking Baker. The guy is not a household name in baseball, but somehow Jeff managed to step up and drive in the winning run to lead the Rockies sweep of the Phillies in the NLDS.

Pitching? Ubaldo Jimenez against veteran Jamie Moyer was incredible, at one time even retiring 11 batters in a row. His one mistake was a solo home run to Shane Victorino, but that didn't hurt us too much thanks to Jeff Fucking Baker. :)

Perhaps now the baseball world will be taking more notice of our beloved Rockies. The Diamondbacks swept the Cubbies as well, but we all know that we can BEAT the D'Backs. Our starting pitching has been effective. Our bullpen is ON. Our offense is showing up when needed. Our defense is as good as it's ever been.

The World Series is in reach. And even though I'm an incredibly superstitious baseball fan, I feel that since we're between series I can say it... I'm pretty sure that the Rockies have forgotten how to lose. I'm on a total high right now, feeling that nothing matters but baseball. Sadly, my next show (John Vanderslice/Bishop Allen) is the same night as the first game of the NLCS. Goddamnit.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

rocktober for sure...

So it's gotta be pretty obvious that effective this week my attention has shifted from music to baseball. Now, I'm a HUGE baseball fan, so naturally I'm superstitious; it comes with the territory. There are just so many things I want to say right now that I have to rein in because I'm terrified of jinxing the Rockies before they are able to move on to the NLCS.

As it is, they're up 2-0 in the best-of-5 NLDS, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Go Rockies.

The Rockies, these past few weeks, have been everything that nobody expected. Even now, after beating the Phillies twice in their house, the Rockies seem to be a playoff afterthought. All the talk is about the Yankees, the Red Sox, The Cubs. And the NLDS has been more about the Phillies choking than the Rockies excelling. It's about time baseball stood up and took notice of this young team. With oodles of credit to Dan O'Dowd, not to mention the patience of Rockies fans (myself overwhelmingly included), this is a home-grown team that is nothing less than completely fucking awesome. Even if we don't go to the World Series, there is so much hope being culled from the last stretch of this season that we have a clear glimpse of the brilliant Rockies future.

But for now, we're content with this Cinderella story that the 2007 campaign has become. I mean, Kaz Matsui with a grand slam?!? If that isn't destiny, I don't know what is.

Monday, October 01, 2007

oh. hell. yeah.

You gotta be fucking kidding me...

I would like to personally thank Trevor Hoffman for falling apart against the Rockies so consistently. Cheers.